4 Cool Tips To Make Family Bike Rides Successful

Bringing the family together is one of the most important things in the world. However, sometimes it is possible to enhance a family bonding activity into something useful, healthy and interesting. One of such things is a family bike ride. Apart from spending some quality time with your children, it also encourages them to partake in a physical activity which is great for their health and body development. Finally, making every single one of these rides on a different location makes cycling into no short of an adventure. Here are some tips on how to make this workout.

Nourish Teamwork and Resourcefulness

The first thing this kind of activity will teach your child is that they need to act as a member of a team. A family bike ride is not a race and all you have to do is keep up with the rest. Whenever there is a problem with someone’s bike, it is everyone’s problem and the whole team needs to stop and try to repair it. This can also be a great opportunity to teach your kid about the most common bike repairs and maintenance. Today, you ride as a family, but tomorrow your offspring may be on their own, and at this moment, you won’t be around to fix their bike (or even car). In this way, you can also make this tour gain a bit of a didactic character.

Make Regular Breaks

You need to keep in mind, that no matter how much stamina they have, your kids are still just kids, which means that they can’t cycle the same lengths you can. This is why you might want to consider looking for a beginner tracks. Another thing you can do is stop for a rest from time to time. If there is a restaurant, a café or even a place where you can picnic somewhere along the road, you might want to take this opportunity. Moreover, seeing how a long cycling session might become quite arduous for your kids, you might try to make the ride more comfortable with Velo cycles.

Bring along the Necessary Gear

Even though it is not recommended for anyone to cycle ill-equipped, having adequate gear is especially important when cycling with your family. This entails things like helmets, enclosed shoes, and an extra jacket in case of cold weather. However, one must also remember to bring along a repair tool-kit and an emergency first aid kit. The latter one doesn’t have to be anything special and most of the time, you can just go along with bandages, antibacterial cream and even a pack of adhesive bandages. Seeing how most cycling-related injuries are scratches and bruises, this should cover the basics.

Let Your Kids Decide What They Like

Finally, the key thing about cycling is that it is fun for the entire family. Still, you cannot decide for your kids whether they like it or not. Some people fall in love with this sport since the first time they sit on a bike while others couldn’t be coerced into cycling if their life depended on it. This is why you shouldn’t be pushy, but start small and let your kids decide if they like it or not. Once you see where it goes from here, you can easily let your kids decide what they like.


There is nothing like a nice outdoor activity for the whole family. Moreover, nothing prevents you from buying a GoPro camera to install on your bike or your helmet and record some of your most beautiful family trips. This is how some of the greatest childhood memories are made.


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