This Is How Your Lungs Look Like After Smoking 20 Cigarettes And It’s Frightening

Numerous ads are being shown in cinema halls and TV too, but smokers are stubborn. They don’t seem to love themselves and their family members too. No matter what and how much you show them, they don’t seem interested at all. Videos, articles or anything else – simply don’t matter to them and they will shun everything for a pack of cigarettes.

To be frank, nobody is actually unaware of the side effects of smoking and the great harm it does to your body. But smokers generally ignore this and carry on, which is rather too sad. How can anyone ‘burn’ his own body inside out? According to research every cigarette you smoke takes away as much as 11 minutes of your life. It shortens it drastically. If this is actually true then just imagine what chain-smoking does to your body! Wow!

Whatever it may be. It is our responsibility to educate people and persuade them to leave this ‘killer’ habit.

Who knows you might end up saving the life of someone you know. People should really understand that smoking isn’t cool at all. You are only dragging yourself towards death.

Here is one video which shows how your lungs look after you have smoked 20 cigarettes.


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