Akshay Kumar contributes yet again – This time Rs 3 Crore to BMC

First of all, before I applaud Akshay Kumar for his donation yet again, I would like to say this to all those people who enjoyed trolling him and called him Canadian, etc. Shame on you guys. Have you ever donated even a single rupee? Have you ever done any charity or community work? So now you can take this act of responsibility that Akshay has done as a tight slap on your face.

Ok, so now we can carry forward with the story.

Just a few days ago Akshay donated a heft amount of Rs 25 crore to the PM-CARES Fund which was specially set up due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Now it is being reported by Mumbai Mirror that Akshay has yet again gone ahead and donated a sum of Rs 3 Crore to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, popularly known as the BMC so that they can purchase and give the PPE equipment to the healthcare workers who are working day and night at the frontline.

When Akshay came to know that India is going ahead with producing PPE’s to meet the rapidly increasing demands, he went ahead and without any thought decided to help with financial support.

Ashutosh Salil, BMC joint municipal commissioner, says, “A few days ago, Mr. Kumar got in touch with the BMC commissioner and made the donation. We are happy that the actor is doing his bit. We have been ensuring that funds don’t get stuck in multiple procedures as we can’t afford delays. The money donated by him will go into the general fund that will be used for the production of PPE, masks, gloves and rapid testing kits.”

Thank you, Akshay. You are indeed a very good Indian. We are proud of you.


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