Alia Bhatt recites a poem in the appreciation of the beauty of nature

Earth, mother nature, is kind of celebrating as of today. The atmosphere has started to clean itself, wildlife and animals have started to live a little bit happier as humans are staying inside, rivers are becoming cleaner day by day on its own… and so much more. Alia Bhatt also celebrated Earth Day by doing something special.

22 April 2020 was celebrated as the Earth Day and Alia appreciated the beauty of nature by reciting a poem.

This is what she said,

“Hi guys, today is Earth Day and I was doing some writing and I dedicated writing a little poem, expressing the way I feel today and kind of every day.”

“Today and every day, I’m grateful. For the sunrise and sunset. For the forests full of trees. The animals, the birds. The lakes, rivers, and seas. I’m grateful for all we’ve built, Our bridges and our streets. I’m grateful for the love that binds us and the wind that sometimes knocks us off our feet.”

“In these uncertain times, I’m grateful for those who put themselves in danger for us. Our saviors, the world’s warriors! Today and everyday, promise to care for our planet and all it has to offer. I promise to value our home by doing better I choose to celebrate earth day Today and every single day!” The ‘Highway’ star captioned the post as, “Today and Everyday. My attempt at writing a little something to celebrate earth day[?] #EarthDayEveryDay.”


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