Ananya Panday is working out with friends and baking cookies during lockdown

Each and every person is doing some or the other thing these days to keep himself busy and occupied. The businesses are closed, schools and colleges are shut down, the whole world is under curfew these days. So are our Bollywood stars.

Ananya Panday is also staying indoors these days and doing a couple of things to make herself happy and busy. And these activities she is performing these days, she isn’t feeling bored and restless… like most of us.

Ananya says, β€œI’m happy to be home and I hope every one else stays in, too. That is the need of the hour and it’s the least we can do.”

She is making sure that she does not get too close with her parents and sister during this period as social distancing is a must. She always washes her hands on a regular basis.

β€œIt’s wonderful to bake cookies with my sister and play with my dog. I can connect with my core and she is also focussed on her health. I need someone to push me to work out. My friends do that. Now, since we can’t meet, we’ve decided to work out together in the evening via video-calling,” says she.

Ananya is right. Don’t panic or feel sad. Spend your time doing things you love and always wanted to do, yes but those things only that you can do indoors. Start a new hobby or perfect something you already like.

I am also trying my hand with sketching these days, after doing jhadu and pocha in the morning of course.


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