And now ANOTHER shoot cancelled for Salman Khan’s Radhe!

Just recently I informed you about the cancellation of Salman Khan’s Radhe shoot in Thailand. And now again the shoot has been canceled for another location, Baku in Azerbaijan.

Salman and Disha Patani had to shoot for a song and an action scene in Baku but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and the many fears regarding that the team decided to cancel the shoot because nobody wants to land in such big trouble. Moreover, it has become a matter of life and death.

Mid Day reports, “Considering the coronavirus outbreak, it’s scary to travel with a large number of unit hands abroad. It doesn’t make sense. Now, it will have to be shot elsewhere.”

Some of the team members had actually already left for Baku so as to make the preparations for the film shoot but as the virus has started spreading all over the world, they were called back to India.

If that wasn’t enough, the shoot for Hongkong too has been canceled. Looks like most of the film will be shot in India itself. I don’t think there is anything wrong in doing so as we have so many wonderful places here too.

It is indeed sad because now all the fans of Salman Khan have to wait a little longer to see the film in theatres. But will they delay the film and not release it on Eid 2020? That has to be seen.

I personally think that they took the right decision of canceling the shoot there because the safety of everyone is most important.


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