Being Salman Khan YouTube Channel to be started soon

Another day, another news about Salman Khan. This man knows how to be in the news on a daily basis. And this time it is about his own personal YouTube channel which is going to be started very soon.

In the past few months, we have seen that Salman Khan makes all these short videos for his fan around the globe. The latest video that he shared with his fans was about Maine Pyar Kiya, where he showed if the movie was made today then what would happen in it.

It was a hilarious take on the present situation of the Covid-19. With his personal YouTube channel, he is aiming towards getting even closer with his fans by sharing videos from his day to day life.

The channel is surely going to be a big hit and looking at the popularity of Salman it is going to get millions of views and subscribers.

What do you say? Are you excited about this? Will you subscribe to Salman Khan’s YouTube channel?


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