Top 15 Best Summer Music Festivals Around The World

A festival-oriented towards music, commonly held outdoors and often include other social activities, merchandise vending, food, and art performances are basically known as a music festival.

Throughout history, music has been an essential part of mass cultural gatherings. There are a number of music festivals which take place around the world either annually or at some regular intervals during a year and includes different range and genres of music being held for different purposes. Some festivals are organized as educative type festivals (for benefit of amateur musicians), some for-profit and others could be for a specific cause.

The ambiance of a music festival lightens up the spirit of anyone attending. It is like an adrenaline rush you have never experienced before. If you have already been to a festival before, you know what I am talking about. This is something that every person in his 20s must experience once. It is totally fair to skip your work once in a while and invest your time and money at a musical festival.

Here is a list of 15 best summer music festivals

1. Coachella Music and Art Festival

Unless you live under a rock, you must have surely heard of the Coachella music festival which takes place in palm springs, the annual music, and art festival held in California. The event features live music of different genres by musicians and artists including rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, and EDM. It is one of the most famous, largest and profit earning music festivals around the world. Stagecoach and desert trip are the two additional music festivals which were established after the success of Coachella.

2. Tomorrowland

First held in 2005, it has become one of the most notable music festivals. It is an electronic dance music festival which lasts for about two weeks and is held in Belgium. The tickets get sold out within minutes. Hans Zimmer (Oscar-winning film and music composer) created the first official hymn for this festival. The stage is huge and offers breath-taking stage productions.

3. Flow Festival

The music in flow festival is a mixed variety of indie, pop, rock to soul and jazz. It is urban music held in Finland. Other attractions include film screenings, food, drinks, designs, etc. you will notice the appearances of new and emerging artists along with the established ones.  It has won the Music & Media Finland Best Festival award four times.

4. FYF Fest

Held in Las Angeles, it is an annual three-day festival which showcases popular and established artists.  The different genres of music include indie, rock, electronic. The most interesting part is that it has its own night market for people to buy food.

5. Glastonbury festival

It is a five-day festival held in England. This festival is not only about music but dance, comedy, theatre, and other arts. It is a place that all entertainment and art lovers must visit once in a lifetime. It is the largest greenfield festival in the world and receives huge coverage from media. This festival is inspired by the counterculture, free movement, and hippie culture and is considered to be a major event in British culture.

6. Festival International de Benicàssim

Commonly referred to as FIB, this music festival takes place annually in the town of Benicassim in Spain. It is one of the best international festival circuits. It plays mainly rock and pop genre of music. Other attractions include art, fashion shows, and short films. The festival commences in the month of July and the bands play from 5 pm till 8 pm.

7. Fiji rock

The very first event was held in 1997 at the base of Mount Fuji, from where it has derived its name ‘Fiji rock’. It is a rock festival held annually in Japan. There are seven main stages and it is one of the largest outdoor music events in Japan and features over 200 international musicians. There is an opening party held one night before the festival begins featuring Japanese folk dance, fireworks, food stalls and dance.

8. Roskilde Festival

Originally named sound festival, Roskilde festival was created by two high school students in 1972, today it is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. It is held annually in the south of Roskilde and was basically created for hippies. It is a non-profit event, aims at developing and promoting music, art, humanism. The music genre varies from hip-hop, metal to electronic. Apart from music, there are amazing performances by theatre artists, classical art, opera, etc.

9. Summerfest

Held each year in Wisconsin, this festival lasts for 11 days. It features both local and national music artist of various genres and is operated by a non-profit organization. Apart from music, there are comedy acts, fireworks, food, family activities, shopping vendors and much more.

10. Cream fields

If EDM is your thing then this is the festival you definitely need to look up to. It the most impressive and happening British dance music festival which features live acts and DJs. It is more like clubbing in a large outdoor area. This music festival is unbeatable and has an incredible reputation which it truly deserves.

11. Szigeti festival

This festival is held each year in August in Northern Budapest. Quoted as one the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, it features more than 1000 performances and is about one-week long. It features acts from various genres including jazz and rock acts.

12. Pitchfork music festival

The pitchfork music festival is held in Chicago for three days, each year. It features EDM, rock, hip-hop, jazz, hard rock punk and much more. Apart from music, food, beverages, art, vendors are other attractions in this festival.

13. Cape town international jazz festival

Recognized as the 4th largest jazz festival, it is held annually in the mother city “Cape town”. It is famous for the performances by international and local artists. It a must-visit for every jazz enthusiast. It is known as ‘Africa’s grandest gathering’.

14. Hard Fest

Best known for hard summer music, the hard fest is a national music festival. It features events like electronic art, live performances and new emerging talents.

15. Free press summer festival

Fpsf is a two-day music fest held annually in Houston, Texas. This fest promotes local music performers, visual arts, etc. other activities include fireworks, music workshops, food and much more.


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