Bhumi Pednekar is helping the underprivileged in this unique way

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected each and every human being all over the world. The migrants and underprivileged in India are also going through a very tough period. Many people from every industry have come forward to help them in some or the other manner.

Bollywood actors also have helped a great deal. Take for example Sonu Sood, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and others. Now we hear that Bhumi Pednekar is also helping but in a unique way.

Since the migrant labourers were travelling long distances by foot (sadly) she came forward and did what she can do for them. She donated footwear to them. It is being said that when she saw the videos on TV, she decided to do this.

She contacted a footwear company and a volunteer-based non-government organisation to help her in this endeavour.

She has helped over 1000 migrant labourers in and around Ghaziabad in Murad Nagar, Govindpuram, Vijay Nagar, and distributed footwear among men and women across age-groups.


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