Body Hair Vs Body Bare – Kartik Aaryan asks all Men

In the golden 90s men used to have body hair. I mean they still have it but nearly everyone shaves it off! Body hair has always been regarded as the symbol of masculinity besides various other things.

The 90s and earlier every superstar of Bollywood and Hollywood used to flaunt their chest with hair and they used to take pride in doing so. Actors like Anil Kapoor (who has often been called Baal-kalakaar or Hair-Actor) and even Salman Khan used to be very comfortable doing so. But the times have changed now.

Kartik Aaryan asked on Twitter regarding this. #BodyHairOrBodyBare has been trending since then. His generation of actors does not ‘keep’ body hair at all. They get rid of it. Well, one of the reasons is because of Salman Khan.

Salman was actually was the first person in Indian cinema who shaved his chest to flaunt his abs. And after that nobody literally comes onscreen with hair on chest – no actor, no model: nobody!

But there are just a few people who still flaunt their hairy chest and look good. And then there are some who like hair and bare both.

Kartik Aaryan wants to know the reaction of the public and hence this question on Twitter. You can too join the discussion and reply to him about what is your say in this matter.

This is the tweet by him that started it all.

And here are some of the reactions to this question from various people.

And then it started on Instagram too.

And one bonus tweet. That was LOL.

So what do you have to say about it? Body Hair or Body Bare? Do let us know in the comments below. Want your tweet or insta post to be featured here? Comment now.

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