Cafe JC’s – Chandigarh

First things first. JC’s Cafe is awesome. Seriously this can be called The Hidden Gem of Chandigarh.

Jannat Chaddha is the artistic mind behind this Cafe. She has studied Interior Design and by just visiting this place once you will come to know that how much efforts she has taken to decorate her dream project. This is Jannat’s 1st project. Kudos to her for this lively place.

The interiors, as well as the exteriors, have been beautifully done and the whole ambience of this place gives you special warmth and extremely good vibes. If you want to have a great evening or afternoon too with your family or friends then this place is especially meant for you. It’s that perfect.

Cafe JC’s serves Asian and American food. I have visited and eaten food at so many places but one thing is common at normally all these food outlets, and that is the taste of the dishes served. For example, in any given restaurant the gravy of the dishes generally taste the same for any dish you order. That is unfortunate. But here at JC’s, I did not find such a ‘problem’ as each dish I ordered had a different and distinctive flavour of it.

I along with my brother had lunch today and this was my first visit here. We ordered: American Dream and Pad Thai Noodles, Frozen Green Apple and Virgin Mojito Mango drinks. Enjoyed them all. The chicken was a bit sweeter in flavour than my liking. But hey I’m not a chef! The whole preparation was wonderful. The corn was very soft, the chicken was nicely served, the potato wedges were crisp, the noodles were yummy… all in all an amazing lunch it was. For my next visit, I’ll surely be ordering Pad Thai Noodles. I just loved it.

But… I also have a few complaints. When we order something then there should be a pair of each item in the dish. Like in the American Dream there was only one bread and that was so awkward. When you say ‘It’s good to share’ then you must provide the things likewise. When you provide 2 corns (half of each), chicken wings etc then why not the bread? This is, to be frank, a little strange. Secondly, the quantity of food can be increased as the prices are a little more for the quantity offered.

One important thing to note is that Jannat herself takes care of the guests and that shows how much she cares. Too good. Didn’t feel that we are in a restaurant or something. Very nice again.

If you live in and around Chandigarh or planning to visit then you must come to JC’s. You will experience a European style cafe.

Suggestion for the Cafe. The prices are okay. Not less, not much. Not everyone will find it that way though. You can increase the food quantity so that the prices actually feels nominal. Why? Because after the taxes it comes to way more than expected. That hurts a bit. Fix the prices and the quantity issue and people will enjoy even more.
Whatever it may be, this place is overall extremely good. Yes, it is. Or you can say ‘Marvelous’
Shop No. 2 & 3, Coal Depot, Sector-10D, Chandigarh, 160011

Phone: 0172 463 0666

Our Rating:-

Hospitality – 10/10
Food – 9/10
Design & Decor – 9/10
Price Range – 6/10

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