Casual Styling Tips For Men Who Want to Look Sharp

We all want to look good. Don’t we? And for that we generally ‘hunt’ for ideas online. I have seen almost everybody searching on Google for ‘styling tips for men.’ The problem with the websites on fashion and more is that they tell you what is in the trend today (the clothes, shoes and so on). What they ignore is that not everyone is a male model and not everything looks good on everybody. Life is not a fashion magazine or a ramp show.

Most of the style advice includes how to select a great suit. That’s about it. Suiting up yourself is not the ultimate way to look good. You can wear casuals in the most royal way to look way much better than you normally do. Being trendy doesn’t mean to always wear what’s in the trend at this very moment. You can always wear something which isn’t in style today but still looks absolutely trendy.

Why we choose good clothes? Have you ever thought about this? If not then let me tell you. We do so because we want to make an impression on the people we meet. For this, we spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in the latest fashion. The main motive is to look good and to give a great first impression without being tacky or too much flashy. That’s the truth that we normally hide from. Spending a lot on clothes doesn’t always mean that you are actually wearing perfect clothing and it suits you. People tend to make style mistakes way too often.

When we have to meet people especially the people who are new to us, we want to look our very best. You can say that we want to present to them our best version. And that best version should look good.

So what can we do about it? What steps should we take to overcome this issue of not overdoing it? What should we do to look handsome without wearing a great suit and a tie? Let’s see….

Mission Maturity

Men don’t want to look their age. It’s a fact. We generally think that women feel this way, but the truth is that men are not far behind. Nobody wants to age and nobody wants to look their age. But the other truth is that no matter how hard you try you will eventually age and look like it too.

The first thing is to stop running backwards. Stop wearing casual clothes which you feel will make you look younger. You won’t, for sure. It will only look awkward.

You will only look good when your mission will be to look mature enough. By mature, I don’t mean to say that you have to look like your father or to start wearing clothes which old people do. Maturity shows everyone you know that you are not a boy or a teenager anymore. You know what’s good and bad for you. Maturity in a man is frankly a good thing which everybody appreciates. It separates a man from a boy.

Maturity means masculinity and this is what gets you respect from the people around you.

Stop showing the world that you are a teenager if you are above 20. Because you are not anymore. Stop making style mistakes portraying yourself as a boy in his teens. Stop it right now. The boy should now become a Man.

Bye Bye Graphic T-Shirts

We all love them. But we must stop wearing them now. Sad. I know. The boyish look has to be left behind, and for this, the graphic tees are a big no-no.

There is a popular belief that these t-shirts make you look original and funny, but the fact is that these tees are so common and work by everyone that they snatch you from being special and make you look just like any other ordinary guy around. And you don’t want that to happen. Right? People think that you don’t want to grow up and hence wear these quirky t-shirts. Do we want this? Not at all.

If you still don’t believe me then go ahead and watch your favourite movie once again (or any other movie for an example). You will never see that muscular star wearing any of these graphic tees. He isn’t a man-child and hence doesn’t wears these and you should also not do this to you.

If you have to wear tees then go for striped designs or solid colours only. They look elegant and at the same time enhances your sharp looks. These are also easy to combine too.

Jean It Up

A pair of Jeans might be the most popular cloth worn by Men all over the world (other than underwear of course). There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jeans, and I mean nothing at all. But, only if you are wearing the correct jeans and not something you ‘feel’ is good enough.

Get rid of those torn and stupid jeans. They look bad and really awkward. There is nothing ‘hip’ about them to be frank.

These are some of the BAD jeans. Never ever wear any of those, no matter how much someone convinces you to do so. Not even when you get 10000$ to do so. It’s not worth and you will only become the laughing stock and nothing else.

When you try jeans at your favourite brand store always remember these things:-

  • There should be absolutely NO need to use a belt. If the jeans are sliding down from your waist then it is not a good pair at all.
  • No accessorised jeans. What I mean to say is that with no chains, or stickers or anything like that at all. You are a Man and not a sweet 16 girl. Understood!
  • No over washed/bleached jeans. A little will do.
  • No ripped jeans at all. They don’t look good and aren’t presentable at all. A mature Man shouldn’t wear such clothes at all.
  • No design on the jeans. I will call it ‘Tattoo Jeans’ and will rather REQUEST you not to wear them at all.

I won’t ‘tie’ you up with any particular colour of jeans. You can wear any you want, tough mostly Black, Dark Blue, Denim Blue, Dark Green and Grey looks good. Following a perfect Man Jean. Yep!

Shoes Are First

Men always ignore this. We feel that whatever shoes we have are just fine. We wear dirty sneakers and whatnot. But this is the worst style statement. We think people, especially women, don’t notice shoes at all. But in reality, women judge a man from his shoes first. A bad or dirty pair of shoes and you are in trouble.

Instead of sneakers, you should try leather shoes. But if that is too much formal for you then try with leather loafers. They look absolutely wonderful and are comfortable at the same time. These enhance your look way too much that you might have never even thought of earlier. Trust me.

Love The Layers

Men are not that good with matching clothes. And that is a fact. We generally wear jeans and a sweater for an example. It looks great no doubt but if you layer it with something simpler then it enhances your personality even more. Wear a plain white shirt underneath and you will feel the difference.

See this photograph to understand what I mean to say here….

See how well the shirt compliments the sweater the guy is wearing above. Not a big deal but still looks great. A little bit of an extra detail refines the whole outfit you are wearing and makes it even more appealing to look at.

Jackets & Coats

Looking good in formals is not our talk here, in this article. A jacket or a coat/blazer equally enhances your look. Wearing a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt or even a formal shirt with it? How about wearing a great blazer with it. It looks simply amazing.

Accessorize Yourself

Men often ignore this too. Why? You must wear some accessories.

Empty wrists look ’empty’ and you should wear a watch or a bracelet or both of them. They not only fill the empty space but also compliments your outfit even more. I personally love steel bracelets. Finger Rings look great too. Gives a rich look.

If you like googles then go ahead and wear them too. Don’t go for stupid coloured glasses. Black or brown aviators look the best.

Fashion Trends SUCK

Ok, said that. Don’t hate me for this. The fashion world which most men follow now is absolutely not for the everyday man. Really!

Being trendy is good but if it is done incorrectly will only look bad. So instead of following the latest style trends go for the best ones and those are the timeless fashion essentials given above. They will never ever fail you. Become a better dresser and not just a fashion trend follower. Learn the art of mastering the basics of men’s styling.

Don’t Overdo

I know many of you after reading this article will be tempted to overdo everything. You now know that you should, rather must, wear accessories and if you turn up wearing a lot of them you will only look tacky enough. Being over is always the worst thing you can do to your fashion sense. Wear what is required and not overdo it.

Don’t wear a lot of colourful clothes. Mix and match doesn’t mean to look like a clown. Wear simple, subtle and understated garments – Those are the ones which should become your style statement.


You do not have to do all these things at the same time. Start with one of these at a time and when you feel comfortable enough after getting out of your comfort zone, start with the next step. Things which are done in steps tend to stay with you for a longer time. So just start with one of the above-said things. How about losing the Graphic Tees for now?

The choice is yours and you have every right to look and feel the best.


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