Beautiful Bird Aviary at Chattbir Zoo, Chandigarh – Zirakpur

Chattbir Zoo is a very famous Zoo in India and is situated at the Chattbir village on the outskirts of Chandigarh region. You can visit the zoo when you travel from Ambala to Chandigarh or from Zirakpur to Patiala, as the road to the zoo area is easily accessible from both these main roads.

I generally find the zoo a rather depressing place. Why? Just think for a while that if you were held in captivity for all your life then how would you feel? This is why I actually don’t like them. But it is what it is and nobody can do anything about it.

Anyways, I must not spoil your mood anymore. Let’s talk a bit about the Bird Aviary/Sanctuary at Chattbir Zoo. It is a haven for all exotic birds. Most of the birds like cranes, swans, ducks, etc are given their own proper areas here and are free. That’s relaxing! Some birds like parrots etc are in cages. Depressing again!

As of now, the whole zoo is under renovation. The zoo is being extended even more. The bird sanctuary itself has been renovated lately and it looks amazing. Calm and very soothing. We went for a zoo trip in May 2019, and due to extreme heat, it wasn’t that much pleasant but still, we had a good time. I recommend you to visit a zoo during the winter season as its much more enjoyable in a cool climate.

You can have a view at the Chattbir Zoo bird sanctuary in the following video.



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