Corona doesn’t says that you abandon your pets – Anushka Sharma

People spread fake news way more than the actual thing. I simply don’t know what happiness they get in doing so. Yesterday I was watching the news and there was a program in which they were showing the strangest of fake news that people have spread for coronavirus.

People started deserting and abandoning their pets because fake news was being circulated around, even by municipal authorities, that the pets play a major role in transmitting the disease.

Anushka Sharma has written a post about the same, “It’s a humble request for all pet parents to not abandon their pets during these times of crisis. Please instead, take care of them and keep them safe with you. It’s inhuman to abandon them.”

As of today, there is absolutely no scientific proof that pets can transmit the coronavirus.

Anushka is an animal rights activist and has time and again talked about how people ill-treat animals and the cruelty against them.

It is also reported that she is actually working on setting up a NGO dedicated to animals.


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