Deepika Padukone CLEANS her wardrobe to kill time because of coronavirus

Coronavirus has really affected each and every one. Some people are serious about it and some are still taking it way too lightly. As instructed by WHO and other health officials, the best thing to protect yourself and your family against the deadly virus is that you keep yourself clean, especially your hands, maintain social distancing and various other things.

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Bollywood stars are also trying various things to keep themselves busy and occupied these days because most of the shooting schedules of the stars has been cancelled or postponed. You can also see so many of the celebs wearing masks at different places like airports and gyms.

Deepika Padukone shared a random photograph on Instagram as she was cleaning her wardrobe. She wrote that due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus she is staying indoors and trying to be more productive.

Now you will say, is this a news to share, Deepak?, yes I know it isn’t. Unlike other entertainment portals, I don’t post stupid news without any reason. My reason for posting this as a news item is because I want to give you yet another idea/thing to do while you stay indoors during these days. One has to be extra careful and take care of himself. At the same time to kill the time you need to do some activities, cleaning your wardrobe is just one of them.


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