Deepika Padukone TROLLED yet again. This time WHO made it happen!

Just in a few days, it seems, Deepika Padukone has lost a large number of fans around the globe. At least they say so. Fans have been applauding their favourite actors after seeing that they too are maintaining social distancing just like them. But the latest live chat of Deepika with WHO’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus hasn’t gone well with her fans.

Deepika shared a post on Twitter where she wrote, “Prioritising mental health during the pandemic and beyond… Join Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO and I, as we discuss the importance of mental health during the #COVID19 pandemic and lessons we can learn for the future.”

But right after this, her fans started trolling her in large quantity! Some people even started to Tweet that they won’t watch her movies anymore as she has gone stupid. One girl also said that her respect for Deepika has gone down a million times.

To be frank, all this hate and troll in actually not because of Deepika herself, but due to the Director-General of WHO. People all around the world have become really verbal against him because he has hidden the dangers of covid-19 in the early stages. If he would have told about it to the world leaders then maybe the condition would have been entirely different.

“WHO has been doing a lot of promoted campaigns after COVID outbreak exposed their credibility and the USA stopped the funding. This is also one of the promotional campaigns. Deepika has no concern about mental health or reality of Tedros. It’s all about money,” one Twitter user tweeted this.

Another wrote, “Well it’s entirely ur choice @deepikapadukone but kindly give it a thought tht how can people accept the bhakshak (?????) as rakshak (?????). Nobody would like him answering the questions on that programme when he should answer questions regarding his conduct during #COVID19 (sic).”

What do you think about this? Is everyone doing a ‘drama’ of sorts?


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