Diljit Dosanjh’s CRUSH for WONDER WOMAN is no more!

The whole world knows how Diljit Dosanjh used to declare his love for Kylie Jenner and Gal Gadot all over the internet. He used to comment and express his love for them in their Instagram posts often. But that has stopped now.

Recently, Diljit revealed that the crush on both these ladies is over now. “That’s over now, change hote rehti hai,” he laughs saying this. We he was asked that who is his latest crush, he says, “Pehle bata ke pange liye hain, I don’t want to embarrass anyone now.”

Seems like Dosanjh has grown up now and knows how to control his feelings and keep them in his heart. Another reason may be because he is a married man.

When he was asked that what does his wife feel about his ‘crushes’ and his comments about the ladies in social media, he refused to talk anything about his personal life.

“The problem is that when people are disappointed, they get personal and attack the family with maa-behen gaalis. I am in public domain, you can say what you want about me, but I do not want anyone talking about my family. If I choose a wrong film or sing a song wrong, it is my fault. Why should my family be targeted?”

I think he is right, but I also don’t remember that anyone actually targeted his family or something like that. Maybe such a thing escaped my eyes! Did you seen anything like this? Do tell in the comments below.


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