Do something to lend a helping hand – Shraddha Kapoor

Like most of us, Shraddha Kapoor too is spending her time indoors these days and is truly making the most of her quarantine time by spending time with her family.

Shraddha regularly shares whatever she is doing staying at home with her fans on social media. She also makes it a point to remind all of us to be thankful for what we have and at the same time asks all of us to lend a helping hand.

Shraddha Kapoor says, “I would urge everyone who all are in a very blessed position, you know, the fact that we can even check our Instagram, tune in live. The fact that we have a phone to do that. So I am pretty sure that we can do that whatever little we can do, even if it is a little amount, we can donate to whatever cause that we believe in.”

“Because there will be a lot of people who will need our help and I am happy to be a part of something like that so that I can help in someways. So, just small request to everyone out there to definitely do something to lend a helping hand.┬áThank you so much, everyone, who has donated.”

She is correct and she knows it well that she has a great influence on her fans and in this tough time that we are facing today she is helping in keeping people motivated and also reminds them of their responsibilities.


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