Don’t be overconfident about Coronavirus : Parineeti Chopra

I really appreciate what Parineeti Chopra has done. She shared a very important post for all her fans around the world and asked them to become more serious and stop being negligent about the Coronavirus Covid-19.

I have noticed, and you too might have done the same, that people around you and even your family, aren’t serious about this major threat to the existence of the human race. People are making fun of it and making & sharing memes about it. They don’t realize the fact that Covid-19 has become a pandemic (as declared by WHO).

Parineeti shared a post which has been written by Cristina Higgins, an American lady who lives in Italy. Cristina has clearly written in the post that this has become a huge problem in Italy. People are confident that the virus is only affecting older people, but that is not correct. They have seen younger people of 18 years also going down with the virus.

Italy has been lockdown completely as that the virus does not spread any more. They are trying their best at it. She also writes that the doctors there have already started to decide who lives and who dies when the patients show up in the emergency room like what is done in the time of war. So try to understand the issue.

Parineeti added, “Guys stop being overconfident and read this! Stop calling it a “hype of social media.” Stop saying “it only affects the elderly.” Stop saying “oh but the death rate of flu is more.” Stop thinking you are smarter than the virus. You are not. Coronavirus is real. Its extremely contagious and unstoppable. Please be smart. And be safe. #coronavirus

Here is the post that Cristina shared…

It is my personal request to you to please be serious about it and do whatever is being told to you about it. Just a couple of things and you can save yourself and your loved ones from… getting sick or even die.

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