Easy Ways to Make Your Yard More Private

Relaxing in your perfect backyard getaway can sometimes be difficult due to many curious looks from your neighbors and passers-by. If this is the case with your home and yard as well, you can try out some of the fun, interesting and effective solutions which will provide you with a private and enjoyable place to rest and unwind after a long day.

Creative fence

In order to protect your privacy from unwanted attention, you can install new, taller fence around your backyard. This doesn’t have to require too much work and the fence doesn’t have to look ugly and unapproachable by any means. By installing a few planks, you can effectively make your perfect fence and further decorate it with paint and hanging or vine plants.

Plant some trees

According to the Chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” While you should definitely think about this, you don’t have to wait for years in order for your trees to grow enough so that their tops can make a perfect secluded paradise out of your backyard. There are special services that allow you to get a fully grown tree and replant it in your own yard. This is also a great way to get a nice cool shade during the summer.

Attractive curtains

If you want to secure privacy in one area of your backyard, such as backyard porch, you can use some interesting long and flowy curtains. Installing curtain rods is a fairly easy task and their pattern and design can really enrich the whole look of your backyard. Moreover, curtains will not only protect you from unwanted attention, but annoying insects in the summer as well.

Vertical gardens

These are not only a great solution for ensuring a more private nature escape, but a smart solution to save space if your backyard is not very big. Starting your own vertical gardens is a really fun and stress-relieving pastime that will also allow you to grow your own herbs and even organic fruits and vegetables. If you’re not too interested in edible plant gardening, some beautiful flowers are always a great option to have, especially ones that would look gorgeous in your vertical panels and pots.

Privacy from above

Don’t forget that buildings or taller houses in your neighborhood also present an opportunity for someone’s curious mind to peek at your garden refuge. If you believe that something like this is possible in your case, think about installing waterproof shade sails over your backyard. That way you’ll not only protect your privacy but will also have a nice shelter from the rain and snow.

Add some screens

If you’re a fan of Asian culture and are already contemplating about adding that koi pond in your backyard, a perfect addition to a Japanese style garden would definitely be some rice paper screens. Not only do these screens look very fashionable and attractive in any backyard filled with plants, but you can also make them yourself and therefore save some money by engaging in an interesting DIY project.

Remember, you don’t have to completely cut off your backyard from the outside world. If you choose some heavy structures and tall fences with absolutely no view, you can actually find yourself feel trapped and isolated in a negative way, which will hinder your purpose of relaxing in your garden. On the other hand, some of the above-mentioned solutions can bring out the beauty of your natural and even exotic paradise even more and make it possible for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.


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