Glacier National Park – The night in the middle of Nowhere

It was the time of summer vacation and the free time seemed to be too much to bear. To take a trip became irresistible, so once the topic came up with my friends there was no coming back from that. Out of all the destinations of the world, my sight had always been stuck on this natural miracle, The Glacier National park. They say this is the closest one got to live in nature. The moment I got a say this was naturally the first destination that popped up in my mind.

But there were several things working against the cause. How can something so beautiful be planned in such a short period of time? After googling the name and the activities everybody miraculously agreed. But there was more than one problem to come in the way, the six of us were able to find only one lodge in our budget, but the lodge had only two nights free.

After a lot of discussion it was decided that it was wise to book the rooms for at least that day before they sell out too. The credit cards were put to use and promises were made to pay the money back as soon as possible.

The next fifteen days saw us preparing ourselves for the trip. Though we were only able to score rooms for those two nights we planned that it would be worth it. A stupid decision many said, but we had made our minds and booked our flights. We searched down websites and shops searching for the exact kind of jackets and woollens we would need. The first thing we came to know about the park was that the weather was unpredictable and extreme. This was one fact we promised ourselves to keep away from our parents.

In the 15 hour flight got a little dragged but they say that the company of friends makes everything better, so it became incapable of killing the excitement that our bodies held. As soon as the plane landed we made our way to the checkout counter. Every member of our group was looking forward to reaching the lodging. We reached in the morning which saved us a day more, so now we had 3 days and 2 nights to live the dream.

Lake McDonald Lodge said the board as the taxi reached the gate. The lodge was a huge rectangular building, a quaint and quiet resort. The kind we wanted. We were shown to our rooms and the staff there was extremely helpful. We kept our luggage and freshened up for the next hour. One of my friends had to lie down to get rid of the effects of jet lag. Though we could all feeling the effects of jet lag the day was too beautiful to waste sitting inside. Late summer the slight breeze made us jump a little as we headed to the activity of the day, The raft tours.

Before we arrived we were in correspondence with the Glacier Raft Company, explaining them the paucity of time and the number of visitors. The warm welcome and the help we received really filled up our hearts.

As we reached the shore of the Flathead River., there were two boats with two guides waiting for us with smiling faces. We were taken on the tour around the river which was something beyond words. The clear water and the fresh air flew past our faces and the environment around us felt happy.

That was truly as close as I ever got to enlightenment. Later we returned to the shore and we ate lunch at a small shack/restaurant. We invited the guides to join us and we spent the afternoon learning about the ways of life in that region. It is true what they say, the best way to know the native life is to talk to the locals.

The late afternoon we spent in the boat fishing, never really knew how peaceful the activity was before that. After having our fill for the day we headed back to the resort, tired as we were we spelt as log the minute our head hit the pillows.

Being a photography enthusiast the one destination on my mind the minute we landed was the Going-to-the-sun road. So two of my friends and I left early in the morning to see the wonder leaving the rest of us rest for a while. With cameras in our hands and excitement in our hearts, we headed on the hired bicycles.

The fresh air hit the face as the rest of the body was protected by the jackets we bought thanks to our research. The road was indeed a sight worth visiting. One of the best part I found about the road was the Weeping Wall which we had to cross on foot to avoid slipping. The power with which the water fell was just astonishing. Though I wanted to stay for a while we had to head back as the road was closed to cyclers after 11 am.

After returning we took our brunch and set out for the next activity with the entire group, Hiking. Being tired with the morning adventure we set out for hiking in the near vicinity. We decided to take the route of Avalanche Lake. After talking a bit with the hotel manager we set out on the trek with packed snacks.

After around hiking for 1.2 miles we reached the Avalanche Lake picnic area. It was definitely a heaven on earth. With the proximity of the lake and the cool breeze, we could not convince ourselves to leave that place a lazed around for the rest of the day. We then headed for the campsite we had booked for the night. It was a small area with tents and basic necessities, but that was all we required.

As the dark neared we saw how they made a fire and then sat around it talking to the others in the camp and drinking cocoa. As we looked up we could make our variety of constellations. This was how near one gets to nature.

In the morning we headed back to the hotel and took a short rest and breakfast before heading out to the last activity of the last day, Horseback Ride. The experience was again one of its kind, The proper countryside experience, one I was glad we took out time for before heading out in the evening.


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