Goa – A Perfect Blend Of Party Destinations And Escapism

Goa is basically divided into two parts; North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is for party animals or those who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches, shopping, churches, etc. But those who travel to Goa to hide themselves from the world, to relax and revive or to know more about the people, culture and places, there is no better place then South Goa. So, Goa has everything for everyone.


You name it and it is there in North Goa. From blue water and golden sand to great nightlife, from flea markets to crowded clubs, from delicious food to yoga retreats, from awesome cruises to Goan trance parties, from sunburn to great old churches, North Goa have it all.

These are the top most activities that can be done in North Goa :-

1.  Beaches

Baga Beach

Baga beach is a crowd-pleaser beach. Tourists always come here to see the nature’s retreat and it also provides various water sports activities, great food shacks and amazing night life. Cafe Mambo and Tito’s Bar are the main joints to enjoy the night life.

If you are planning to go in February, then it is a big boon for you because every year in February there is a carnival organised near Baga. The great opportunity to celebrate is with you, what else i would say, go and enjoy the dance, food and drinks.

Dona Paula Beach

This beach is generally known as “the lover’s paradise” since it is a place where a lover died. As per the story, Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula de Menezes who was in love with the son of a fisherman jumped off the cliff because the Viceroy was not accepting that boy as his son-in-law.

So, 7 km away from Panaji, this beach is known after the name of Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula. Come and enjoy the splendid view of this place.

Calangute beach

The most popular and the largest beach in North Goa is Calangute. The QUEEN OF BEACHES as it is known as, tourists enjoys it’s serenity and cool breeze and indulge them in sandy pleasures. Like every beach, it also has well-flourished market for shopping and fine dining etc. Two most famous things regarding Calangute is amazing seafood and beautiful sunset.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is named as ‘the mother of beaches’. It has all the things to do water sports activities like paragliding, surfing, scuba diving, parasailing and so on. You can find many different types of shells lying on the sea shore.

Besides sunbath, shopping, photography, tattoo, bungee jumping; there is Wednesday Flea Market, Chapora fort, The Acid House Party and Trance Parties.

Chapora Fort

Everyone remembers the scene of ‘DIL CHAHTA HAI’ near a beach. It was being shot here at Chapora Fort. It assures the picturesque view of nearby beaches and fort itself has historical significance.

Aguada Fort

The hilltop fort which is famous for it’s sunset view, is actually a Portuguese construction. It also has a four-storeyed lighthouse building and Aguada Jail. It is the largest jail of Goa.

North Goa has more than this, it has Candolim Beach, Sinquerium Beach, Mandrem Beach, Arambol Beach, Ozran Beach, Vagator Beach, Morjim Beach, and other attractions like St. Michael’s Church, Tiracol Fort, Albuquerque Mansion, etc.

2.  Snow Park and Ice Bar

Goa never fails to astound tourists by it’s nature’s serenity but this is above all. You can enjoy snow based thrills like ice sliding, play sledging car, build Snow man, igloos and snow balling areas. It do not restricts any person by their age. You can go there with your family and beat the heat. It also provide drinks in Real Ice Glass.

3. Goa State Museum

Popularly known as STATE ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM, is a largest museum in Goa. It has various sculptures, carvings, paintings, paintings, rare coins, anthropological objects, wooden objects, bronzes, manuscripts, numismatic collection etc and many more. It will be recommended to those who has interest in Architecture and old manuals and objects.


Goa can be seen beyond beaches and parties. It has a Portuguese ruling history which still can be seen in the churches made by them.

Bom Jesus Basilica
It is the oldest church in Goa with the simple and beautiful interior. The most famous story or rather i should say miracle still exists there as the body of St. Francis Xavier is still preserved in a silver casket. The body is as fresh as on the day it was buried. It is a World Heritage Site considered by UNESCO.

The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
This church was built in 1541 and then many changes occurred. December 8 is the date when this church gives you a visual treat on it’s festival. It is decorated completely with blue and white color. Apart from this, there are statues of St Paul and St Peter made of marble. This church is known for it’s second largest church bell.

Other than these, there are lot more churches in North Goa which you should visit like St Augustine Cathedral Church, Se Cathedral, St. Sebastian Chapel, Church of St Lawrence, etc.



The famous Saturday Night Market is ARPORA. It has been said that this was the third attempt of the maker of this market when he did a splendid job. The market provide some great shopping options including the designer stuff.

It is a huge market with various sections including bar and dance section, food shacks, live shows and shopping. The most popular thing regarding this market is it’s chicken, it is the best.




10. Divar Island


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