Horticultural Life Of Seattle : Top 5 Parks

Life in cities is filled up to the brim with roads and concrete building everywhere the sight goes. In this despair, city parks act as nature and civilization, a place molded to provide the freshness well within the reach of your accommodation. These parks are designed and decorated in lieu of the requirements and the liking of the residents. It provides them respite from the confines of the human world and lets them dwell in a more open space.

Each of these parks is engineered in a way demanded by the surroundings. Some of them offer a free space to walk and frolic, while others hold a place as an artistic beauty, making them a photographer’s dream. But when asked the question of which are the best ones, it becomes subject to the viewer’s choice.

However, below we have a list of the most highly regarded one’s out of the lot. So read along to find the best 5 in the vicinity

The Downtown Park
This is one of the best parks the Seattle houses in its boundaries. However, it forms a common opinion that it has not been able to build the great central park as the other metropolitan, the constant efforts of various agencies and private developers, the park is indeed a sight to see

Located at U.S. Courthouse Plaza, 700 Stewart St, Seattle this was designed by the famous Peter Walker in the year 2004.

The first attraction that one notices after stepping into the park is the grove of over 70 birch tresses planted with an organizing scheme of quartzite paving stones, giving it the precious crisscross pattern. The rest of the park is decorated with beautiful and gracefully detailed cascading fountains running down into a pool. The sheer beauty of flowing water takes the heart away as everywhere the sight goes one can witness visual rhythms in the air. The rivulets of water are organized into three different strands, falling down into stairways grouped into fours.

It is said that a good city park provides an invitation of contemplation, and the Plaza offers serenity while reflecting the urban complexity.

The Water Park
The best way to witness the beauty of this park is to see it on water, as being a wetland it provides an opportunity to go on natural trials due to the nine-foot lowering of Lake Washington’s water level. The most recommended way to experience the park in the force of its beauty is by launching a canoe or kayak off the Bellevue Way and paddling the 2.6-mile water trail through the slough.

This gives access to the otherwise hardly accessible lands, making it possible for the visitors to witness blue herons and dozens of other species of water birds along the placid channel.

However, since we all have different ideas of perceiving things, a more urban visit can be planned. For that, a right turn can be made from the launch and the I-90 bridge is located leading the visitor to the Lake Washington. The people who are not able to arrange a boat, there is an arrangement by the Bellevue park rangers of leading paddle tours every Saturday and Sunday from May to September.

Located at Mercer Slough Nature Park and Environmental Education Center 1625 118th Ave SE, Bellevue the park also adds an educational bend to the trip as it is the Environmental Education Center, holding a number of modernist buildings on stilts. This offer an imaginative array of programs ranging from ecology to rain-garden construction.

The View Park
This is the best piece offering a view of Seattle’s natural and man-made attributes including the downtown skyline, the Space Needle, Elliott Bay, the industrial cranes lining around the Duwamish, the Cascades, and on instances, even Mount Rainier.

This is one of the most picturesque places in Seattle making it obvious for all the quintessential photos of Seattle to be staged here. All the masterpieces like the Needle piercing the sky, a red glow in the background along with a mountain brooding in the backdrop.

The park plays as a magnet for the tourist buses along with being the ideal place for marriage and fashion shoots. It is a photographer’s paradise providing them the perfect setting and light for natural and human photography.

Located at Kerry Park, 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, this is the place providing a quiet vantage to look out over the city and consider whether Seattle is managing to be worthy of its natural setting.

The Canyon Park
The city vanishes without a trace when one steps into The Canyon Park. The park complete with a wooden staircase leading into a deep ravine and dripping creeks making it a completely natural experience without a hiss of traffic. This is the only park offering a complete compact package.

In 1907, Ferdinand Schmitz, a German immigrant and banker, donated around 30 acres of land to the government. Most of the area was covered by untouched forest and the old growth has been maintained to the day to maintain the historical significance.

Located at Schmitz Preserve Park, 5551 SW Admiral Way, Seattle the park covers around 53 acres and is laced by hiking trails leading up to 1.7 miles making it a perfect place to plan a workout.

The Mountain Park
This park portrays a radical thought for the twenty-first century. It works on the principle that the civilization should not be judged by the height of its city towers but by how well it embraces and preserves the nature.

The largest park in King County’s largest park protects around 4.8 square miles of the Cougar Mountain Ranges from development offering 36 miles of hiking trails. Some of these trails lie in proximity to nature providing people a real nature experience, which can not be challenged by any other of the parks.

Among the most famous treks is the 2.2-mile round trip to Coal Creek Falls. This silvery horsetail is some 20 feet high plummeting into a dark miniature box carpeted by moss, sword ferns, and red cedar.

Located at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, SE Cougar Mountain Dr, Renton, this is an ideal park for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies

Seattle deserves a visit people, book your tickets today!


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