How To Drink Vodka The Proper Way Like A Russian

Russians have always been drinking Vodka. It is said that for as long as there have been Russians, there’s been Vodka. Interesting isn’t it! Vodka is their national booze, yep! For centuries and centuries, it has been used to toast at the weddings, to inspire great writers and you will be amazed to know to treat the black plague too. Russians also play these insane drinking games in which they hide under the tables. Ha! Now is not the right time to talk about it though.

Leaving these hiding games aside, Vodka is something that every man must taste at least once. Vodka’s name has been derived from the Russian word Voda which means Water. They take Vodka very seriously. You don’t sip it, you drink it – all in one quick shot.

Ok, let me tell you one thing. Russians are very particular about their national drink. In Russia, Vodka equals Life (because its name comes from Voda).

Remember Three IMPORTANT Things:-

1. The Russian way of drinking is that you drink it straight. No mixing with water, soda etc. Sorry, it is not allowed.

2. You drink Vodka quickly. Shots, not Sips.

3. You drink it often. When Russians start throwing back Vodka for the night, they tend not to deviate from it. Okay!

Vodka is generally served chilled. It is meant to be that way. Whoever orders it a party or a get together is in charge of pouring it for the group and leading the toasting ceremony. If you run out of ideas for the toast then you may make up of your own or try these – To your health! or To women! or Winter is coming! haha. Every person in the group can come up with unique ideas for the toast. And after all this, you run our completely, then just drink it. Good things don’t need any reasons at all to be enjoyed and shared.

Let’s see how you should sip drink Vodka the Russian way.

This includes 3 steps to be precise – Exhale. Shoot. Eat

Exhale deeply, toss back a shot and taste the vodka on your palate for less than a minute. Right after this go for the snacks, which will be consumed in between shots.

What do Russians like to eat when drinking Vodka? A lot of dishes actually. But most popular ones are pickles, herring, bread, caviar, salted cucumbers, potatoes, and onions. Onions are quite famous all over the world, just a thought that came into my mind when writing this.

Don’t feel compelled to eat more and empty the plates. Let the shots come. Enjoy the drink, food can be had later too.

It is interesting to know that Russians don’t like people to pass out or throw up in the bathroom. They like it when you stay relatively sober and not pass out obviously. This is the goal of ‘drinking’ night.

So to enjoy Vodka the Russian way you won’t be going all the way to Russia, but then how will you be doing so at your place? There are so many varieties of vodkas available today. You may try the ever so popular Absolut. Besides that, the most popular ones right now are Tsarskaya Gold, Beluga and Russian Standard.

So when is the Russian Vodka Drinking Party? Invite me too. Smile!


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