Hrithik ‘Krrish’ Roshan would have put an end to Covid19 and Cigarettes

Recently Hrithik Roshan shared a photograph on Twitter with his fans and this is when all this started. But where did Krrish has to do with covid-19 and cigarettes?

After Hrithik shared the photograph in which he can be seen standing in the balcony of his with his sons, a Twitter user noticed that he has something like a cigarette in his hand.

The user wrote, “Does @iHrithik have a cigarette in his hand or am I seeing wrong? I hope you don’t @iHrithik. It makes me very very very sorry.”

To this particular tweet, Hrithik also took notice of it and replied back, “I am a non-smoker. 🙂 and if I was Krrish, first thing I’d do after eradicating this virus would be to decimate every last cigarette from this planet.”


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