Hrithik Roshan plans his Hollywood career in Dubai

One actor from Bollywood who is truly an International star is undoubtedly Hrithik Roshan. In the past too we have heard such things from numerous people that the looks, the talent that Hrithik possesses is beyond Bollywood.

Now, by saying this I don’t mean to say that Bollywood is bad or anything like that, but I want to say is that the directors of India have still not given a proper canvas to the abilities that this man has.

Currently, Hrithik is enjoying work and vacation in a 5-star hotel in Dubai. His last 2 films, Super 30 and War, have also fared quite well. He shared a photo on Insta, which you can see below.

It has also been reported that a California based company is taking care of his international projects now as Hrithik feels that now is the correct time to try his luck with this.

Dear Hrithik, you were always ready for that but maybe due to some reasons you didn’t go ahead or some other things which we aren’t aware of… still.


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