It’s 33 for Varun Dhawan

Happy Birthday, Varun Dhawan. Yes, he just turned 33. Though he doesn’t look like 33, isn’t it? Anyways. Due to the lockdown, he is celebrating his birthday this year staying indoors, safely.

Varun shared his homemade chocolate cake with his followers on social media. Also, not to be missed his that big bright smile on his face.

This is what papa David has to say, “It will be a quiet family affair. Over the past few weeks, Varun has been with us and has been taking care of Lali and me. He is especially concerned about me as I am diabetic.”

Now, was he talking about Varun’s birthday celebrations or his marriage with Natasha?

Here’s wishing him very happy birthday once again. Keep on entertaining us like the way you do. All the best.


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