Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Routine – She tells it all

When you think about the fittest Bollywood celebrities then one name that you simply cannot ignore is Jacqueline Fernandez. She has time and again proved that she is fit and active.

What is Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Routine? She likes to do Yoga on a regular basis. Everybody knows the wonders of yoga. It actually became even more popular after Baba Ram Dev and PM Narendra Modi brought this to the forefront and told the world about how beneficial it is for everyone.

This is what Jacqueline has to say about her fitness routine…

“At home, I only do 120 Suryanamaskars because it burns a sweat. It’ll take that good half an hour to do them all and at the same time, the body gets refreshed and energized.Β So, mainly yoga is great because you can do it at home and a lot of stretching. If you have like foam rollers, it’s great to massage the muscles and stuff as well.”

“I will probably say Yoga is one of the best exercises. No, I am not a huge fan of interval training. I just prefer doing a few more relaxing things. I think the best exercise that doesn’t require any weights or any kind of equipment would be yoga.”

Do you also do yoga? Do tell us in the comments below.


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