Jaipur Police posts an EPIC tweet trolling Masakali 2.0 song

Masakkali 2.0 song just came out a few hours ago and it gained a lot of attention all over for all the wrong reasons. First, the song is yet another remix version of a great composition which has been literally killed by the team of the 2.0.

A.R. Rahman also has raised his voice against this and posted that so much time and effort goes into the making of the songs and then people come and makes remixes only to make it worse. Not all remixes are worth. It is true. Some remixes are nice, for example, kaanta laga.

Now Jaipur police have come up with an epic tweet and warn people to stay inside their homes and not roam outside without any reason. This is for safety for everyone as coronavirus is a deadly virus.

They said, “If you are unnecessarily roaming outside we will put you in a room and play masakkali 2.0 on loop. hahaha! This indeed is epic.

Check out the tweet below.


Here is the music video.


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