Jawaani Jaaneman – Good, but Okay

When I saw the trailers of Jawaani Jaaneman which stars Saif Ali Khan in the lead, I was actually quite excited to watch it, but frankly not on the first day or even in a theatre. Yes, I admit that.

A friend of mine took me and we watched the movie and here is what I felt about it. But first, let me tell you a little bit about the movie itself.

Jawaani Jaaneman is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by Nitin Kakkar, starring Saif Ali Khan as a 40-year-old father and debutant Alaya Furniturewala as his daughter, alongside Tabu.

Ok now let us begin with a ‘quick review’ of the film!

When we think about a film starring Saif Ali Khan in a modern avatar we are sure that the film is going to have this trendy and upmarket feel to it. And Jawaani Jaaneman is exactly that.

Saif plays a 40-year-old man who lives out of India with his family, though they live separately and he lives in his own rented space. He is not interested in marriage and doesn’t want to settle down. He loves is bachelorhood.

Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) of Jawaani Jaaneman is an extension of Cocktail’s Gautam and Love Aaj Kal’s Jai.

But one day he meets a girl in Chunky Pandey’s disco-bar and brings her to his mancave. They have some drinks and he starts setting the mood for some romance with dim lights and music.

Now don’t take mind here and there for a ride as nothing happens. The girl reveals that her mother, who is a hippy, has told her that there are 3 men with whom she has slept, and out of these 3, one of them is her father. And Saif might be the one!

Now Saif gets all nervous and whatnot. He tells the girl that her mother is wrong and she is telling a lie. But the girl starts insisting that he might be the one and to find out if he is or not, they have to go to the hospital for a DNA test.

This is the basic storyline on which the whole movie is based on.

Are you still excited? I just wanted to make sure that you are. Smile.

Now Saif and Alaya, who had their DNA test done, start to spend some time together in his apartment as she says that this ‘might be’ the only time she will get to spend with him. Okay fine!

The day of the DNA test report has arrived and we see them visiting the doctor. The doctor is Kiku Sharda, the comedian, and he tells them about the outcome of the report in the weirdest and stupidest ways! Okay fine!

Finally, they come to know that yes they are father and daughter. Not only that. Alaya comes to know that she is pregnant too. Saif is now all amazed and worried about the situation he is in right now. And why not, because he just became a father of an all-grown-up girl, who is pregnant with the child of her boyfriend who is out meditating and smoking weed with her mother somewhere in Amsterdam or some other place. Okay FINE!

Also, Saif is a property broker who works with his brother. They want to crack this big deal with a buyer who wants to demolish the whole society in which Saif lives. Saif convinces all the residents that they are getting a good amount and everyone agrees. But one old lady does not.

Now since Alaya is staying with Saif, she got to know this old lady too because Alaya is very sweet and the lady likes her and not her father. Okay fine!

Saif asks Alaya to help him in convincing the old lady and she agrees. But the old lady has this fixation with a tree that grows somewhere outside her house which she doesn’t want to be chopped down as this reminds her of her father.

After so much halla-gulla and scenes which have just been stretched for no apparent reasons, Saif and his brother tell the party who is buying this whole place that they won’t sell if the tree is cut down. And to the surprise of everyone, nobody questions them. I mean the residents of that whole society.

Now Tabu and Alaya’s boyfriend comes to Saif’s apartment and they all act rather strangely. But still, these scenes were enjoyable. Tabu tries to seduce Saif but he isn’t interested anymore in her as he does not even remember her. Too much booze is not good for anyone. LOL!

Anyways, at the end of the movie, we see that Alaya delivers a baby and everyone is happy about that obviously. Saif’s parents accept her daughter and her child. Okay fine!

Now he tells Alaya that since he wasn’t there with her in her growing ages, now he wants to take care of her child. Okay fine AGAIN!

And that’s it. This was the whole movie in a nutshell.

I said ‘okay fine’ so many times. Why? Let me answer that quickly. It is because the things that the makers wanted to convey to the person watching the movie is not convincible enough. Yes, it does happen in real life too, like a child out of marriage, etc, but the way they told the whole thing is rather strange, awkward or just in your face.

I am not saying that the movie is bad, it is actually quite good and I thoroughly enjoyed most part of it. But the overall execution of the movie is not up to the mark. This could have been such a great ‘Hollywood’ style movies but it turned out to be one of those web series styled episodes where everyone is trying to be hip and modern with no particular objective and reasons about why are they so. Too much western influence but still no clear vision of where the whole thing is going.

This is a one time watch. You won’t get bored most of the time watching this movie.

My rating for the movie: 3/5 Stars


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