Karan Johar might NOT make Takht anymore!

Takht, the magnum opus, which had big names like Ranveer Singh and others attached to it, might not be made after all. Why? All thanks to the ‘Hindu Terrorism’ tweet done by the writer Hussain Haidry.

This is what happened actually. Hussain, the film writer, shamelessly tweeted that Hindus are terrorists. Also, a video surfaced where he was seen saying that people should beat higher class Hindus. After this people started trending boycott Takht on twitter, which succeeded way too much.

People did not have a problem with the film or Karan Johar as such but with Hussain himself. Now I checked and saw that he has deactivated his twitter handle. People all over the world came forward to boycott the film altogether.

Now after this whole episode it is being reported that Karan is seriously reconsidering his ‘costly’ project. If you remember the whole controversy related to Fawad Khan and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, then you know how big a problem this is.

“He may decide to drop the project since there is no film without the writer. On the other hand, if the furore dies down after a while, he may consider keeping Hussain onboard. But at the moment, the option of continuing with Hussain seems unlikely, given the volume of protest,” says a friend of the filmmaker.

Film people should really keep themselves away from all types of controversies and such talks. Millions of people follow them on social media and every word they speak/write has a huge impact on the minds of these people. So it is better to stay quiet and not become another ‘Swara Bhaskar’ and try to bring unrest amongst society.


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