Kick 2 has been SHELVED : No script is the culprit

The most depressing news for Salman Khan fans this year is this one. It is being reported that the sequel to Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer Kick will NOT be made.

“There is no script for Kick 2. Sajid Nadiadwala who will direct Kick 2 just as he had directed the first part, has been trying to crack an idea for the last two years, without success,” says a source close to Nadiadwala.

How can the movie be made when there is a crisis of the plot itself!

“Sajid Nadiadwala won’t even think of starting the film until he has a script. Forget the script, there’s no story idea for Kick 2. Salman and Sajid may decide to work on an entirely different project now,” says the source.

This is so sad. So many people were looking forward to it. But let’s not lose hope. Maybe they decide to make it some day!


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