Koki Poochega with Kartik Aaryan – Episode 1

#KokiPoochega is Kartik Aaryan’s new talk show where I will interview our everyday superheroes, badass human beings and maybe sometimes my celebrity friends. Here’s the first interview for my new series #KokiPoochega Sumiti Singh, one of India’s first Covid-19 survivors did everything right from the moment she experienced the first symptom.

Let’s learn from her experiences! Important note – Sumiti’s travel date to Finland was 3rd March, much before WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Here’s her Instagram post where she has shared details – https://www.instagram.com/p/B-RifBQnK…

If you have a specific question for Frontliners or if you want me to connect with someone relevant who might be able to help us spread awareness in these times, please drop in your comments below.

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