Koki Poochega with Kartik Aaryan – Episode 3

Madhurveena, 55, has been serving the Police department for the last 32 years. Currently posted with the MP Police, India Madhurveena is just the Super Hero we need right now. Watch her talk about how the concept of “Duty Hours” has always been alien to the Police Department and especially more since the #Lockdown.

Our Police Department is ensuring that all basic groceries, medicines and necessities are reaching all rural households thus ensuring nobody has to leave their homes. I am filled with gratitude and respect for these selfless warriors who are keeping our safety first, even before their own.

If you have a specific question for Frontliners or if you want me to connect with someone relevant who might be able to help us spread awareness in these times, please drop in a detailed email on [email protected] and I promise to revert at the earliest. © SuperFat Studios Private Limited Editors : Akshay Mehta and Sumit Parnami Post Production : Abhishek Sharma


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