Make Your Own High-Quality Leather and Shoe Polish At Home

Making Shoe and Leather Polish at home is something that not many people even think about. I mean you can simply go to the supermarket or a small shop near your home and buy it. It’s quick! But what if you want to be ‘creative’ and wish to make it on your own for your leather products then it is not that hard to make. Natural Polish can be used on shoes, leather, wood and many other items too.

Beeswax is at the center of this recipe, but there’s a lot more to it than that. It actually calls for beeswax (which is easily available from Amazon), which is a natural waterproofing and conditioning agent, but also for coconut butter, sweet almond oil, and castor oil. Beyond that, you can make all of this at home on the stove with some measuring spoons, a Pyrex measuring cup, and some bamboo skewers. When you’re finished, cleanup is a snap, and you can pour your new polish into containers for storage and use them whenever you want.

It’s a lot of ingredients, and you’re certainly not going to save any money on this DIY version over just buying polish in the store, but what you will get is a much higher quality product that you can use on more things all over your home, and will last much longer on whatever you apply it to.


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