Malang shows a substantial growth, and that’s a surprise!

malang movie review

The trailer of the movie Malang, starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha Patani, was well received by the audience but the reviews of the movie weren’t that good. Most of the reviewers had said that it is yet another ‘sort-of’ remake of the movie Ek Villain.

But surprisingly the movie has seen good growth on its second day of release. As we know that it is the polling season in Delhi right now and had quite limited screens throughout the national capital.

Still, Malang managed to earn quite good and this romantic thriller collected Rs 8.89 crores on 8 Feb 2020. As of now, it has earned a sum of Rs 15.60 crores and it is being expected that the movie will earn over Rs 25 crore in its first weekend.

Here are 2 video reviews of Malang. Have a look at them and decide whether it is your cup of tea or not.

Talking about the romantic action-thriller, the director revealed: “It’s a story about four different characters from different backgrounds. They have a different interpretation of ‘malang’.

The word ‘Malang’ essentially refers to a man who stays by himself, who is not connected to worldly rules, regulations, law and order. He is happy in his own world.

A person can be ‘malang’ when he is truly, madly and deeply in love, when he does not care about what happens in the outside world. It also happens when you have lost someone you loved the most and you have nothing to lose, so you don’t fear anything.

The loss of fear is also a state of ‘malang’. These characters, who are in different states of ‘malang’, meet one Christmas evening in Goa. The film is about how they all cross paths and what happened five years back on the same day.”


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