Malibu : A Surf Through Nature In America

The city of bliss, as it is called Malibu is the home to some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in California. Seeing the beauty of terrain and the almost pollution free environment, one can almost forget its proximity with Los Angeles.

Malibu also is the location of some of the most rugged beaches in the world, with rocky shores and fast hitting water. It also is the home of numerous hiking trails, some of which go through the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains. Therefore it is very easy to understand how the most attractions in Malibu are related to nature.

But it becomes very confusing for one to understand what to see and what to miss.
We are here with help, the following is the list of the 5 must do things whilst visiting Malibu.

El Matador Beach
El Matador Beach holds the position of one of the most beautiful beaches present in Malibu. It stands out from the pack of other pretty Southern California beaches as it thanks to its blessing of ruggedness.

Steep cliffs rise up from the edge of the sand abruptly and rise high up from the waterbed. The main differentiation point one can see is the gigantic rock present at the shoreline’s edge with an arch carved out of the rock that towers over the harsh waves.

One of the things to remember while visiting this beach is that there is a pay parking lot by the beach which one should pay otherwise the chances to get a ticket is very likely. The way down to the El Matador Beach is a steep staircase matching its rustic terrain.

Malibu Pier
An ideal place in Malibu to go for a relaxing walk, the long Malibu Pier, is refreshingly uncluttered and clean compared to most piers in California. In the vicinity, there are only a precious few restaurants and shops that provide people service.

A walk down to the Malibu Pier is an experience that none can match. On the way down, on can witness fishermen trying to catch their own personal catch of the day.This gives one deep insight into the lives of the natives and the way of lives. If stood and talked to some of the Fishermen even introduce people to the actual life and take out time to answer the questions brewing in their minds

The view from the pier overlooks the coastline a sight that makes the heart skip a beat. The multi-million dollar beach homes of Malibu hugging the edge of the sandy cliffs at one glance, what else can one ask for?

The base or how some would call it the end of the Pier is a sight worth a good long stop, as one can gaze out at the ocean, unobstructed save for a few ships and revelers enjoying some exciting water sports up until the horizon. The sunsets in the vicinity are said to be ethereal and supposed to give one the memory of a lifetime.

Solstice Canyon
The trail in Malibu which takes the path through the beautiful Santa Monica mountains is the Solstice Canyon. The place holds gorgeous vistas, with beautifully intricate architecture, leaving the onlookers stunned.

The place also holds an ocean just a walk away. Even if one doesn’t go near the sea, the warm breeze flowing and the slight smell of salt in the air is suggestive of a nearby sea and fills people with joy. The flora in the region is diverse and the foliage of plants is good giving the place a beautified and greener view.

Another thing that Solstice Canyon is famous for is the waterfall within this area, the specialty being that this one can be hiked to and also that it constitutes as the only year-round waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains. The complete Solstice Canyon hike is six miles long, however, the route and the distance can be adjusted according to the hiker

Solstice Canyon is one place oozing with historical significance. There is a presence of a stone cottage that can be seen from the trail that dates back to 1865, which is highly preserved which is evident from its appearance. Another attractive feature of the place is the Chumash tribe that also lived on this land in the past.

Pepperdine University
If the famous and beautiful college campuses around the world hold your interest, then one should definitely take out time for visiting the Pepperdine University while in Malibu

The campus of the college sits on the side of a hill next to the Coast Highway and overlooks the ocean, providing panoramic views of the ocean from a height making one see water till the horizon and making Pepperdine University one of the most expensive and beautiful schools in the country. This is one school that holds a great point in the terrain and is very hard to take admission in. The dorms of the campus add to the beauty and the students’ ocean view dorms provide a much better view than many high-end hotels in the vicinity.

Pepperdine University is Christian University and therefore has a scheduled calendar of faith-based special events taking place on the campus itself, many of which are open to the general public on a ticketed basis.

Malibu’s Surfrider Beach
The name of the beach gives away the main attraction of the beach; Surfers. The beach plays as an ideal place for experienced surfers giving them the opportunity to surf in the most famous surf breaks on the Pacific coast, for which surfer flock here from around the globe.

Located next to the Malibu Pier it can be witnessed by people who are not surfers as well. One can simply lean on the rails and witness the expert Surfers pulling off one brilliant stunt after another on the waves

Another adding to the already long list of attractions on the beach is its proximity to the place where Malibu Creek mixes into the Pacific Ocean

The beach is a sandy one so if nothing else one can settle on the sand with toes dug in the sand and reading the book along with the bottle of sunscreen, though taking off the eyes from the surfers can prove to be a challenge.

So plan a trip to Malibu today and you might even get to meet a Charlie Harper of your own.


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