Manaus – The Simplified Trip

Earlier a little settlement at the Fort São José, the rubber transformed in Manaus changed Manaus into a cosmopolitan metropolis. In the early decades before the beginning of the mid-twentieth century, before the competition from Asia drove down the prices, Manaus became very prosperous so much so that grand public and private buildings were constructed of costly materials imported straight from Europe.

Present-day sees it as the capital of the Amazonas state and a busy free trade zone. It has a lot to offer in the face of tourist attractions, its colonial buildings, many contour options and lodging facilities in the nearby rainforests.

Some of the best things that the city has to offer are mentioned below.

Teatro Amazonas

The Italian Renaissance-style opera house, the city’s most famous building, was built in 1896 and is now protected as a national monument. There was no expense spared to create this cultural palace in lieu of making Manaus a great centre of civilization. For achieving this, most of the materials used for the construction were imported from Europe including doorways of Italian marble, English wrought-iron stairs, and many of the 198 chandeliers are made up of Murano glass from Venice and the remaining were brought in from France.

The dome of the palace was completed in the early 20th century, which is faced with 36,000 tiles which were imported from Germany. The palace’s decor holds carved and polished native Brazilian woods.

Later in time, when the rubber market declined, and the Manaus baron went away with their fortunes, it was the time the Theater fell into despair. Its restoration was done in the late 1980s and has been thence being used for its initial purpose.

Contact details are as below

Address: Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro Centro, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69025-140, Brazil
Phone contact: +55(92) 3622-1880

Encontro das Aguas

One of the greatest natural wonders, this is the point of the confluence of the dark coloured water of the Rio Negro and the light-brown water of the Rio Solimões forming together the great Amazon. This is one the destination without visiting which, visit to Manaus would be incomplete.

One of the most unusual and unique attractions about the place is that the waters of the two rivers run together, side by side for a distance of six kilometres, without intermixing. In fact, this confluence is so vivid in terms of colour and size that it is visible in an ariel view. The boat view of this is one of the most demanded tourist activity in the place.

Many restaurants also lies in the proximity of the place. Some of the include Dona Pitanga Encontro de Sabores, Cafe Regional Das Loiras and Bar Das Paraenses.

Anavilhanas Islands

Flaked by Manaus and Novo Airão on both sides, there lies an extensive group of islands of about 400 islands complete with islets, with hundreds of lakes, watercourses, and igapós stretching over for some 90 kilometres. The Anavilhanas Nature Reserve is an area of 350,000 hectares, offering a complete cross-section of the Amazonian ecosystem.

During the time of November and April, when the river runs high, almost the entire land of the islands is submerged underwater, only about 180 of the lot are able to stay above from water.

During this period of rains, these upstanding islands are flooded with a diversity of flora and fauna. The animal list includes squirrel monkeys; night monkeys; sloths; a variety of birds, including parrots, toucans, woodpeckers, and herons; and by caimans, turtles, and other reptiles and amphibians.

The contact details of the authorities are

Address: Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas Bella Vista, Anavilhanas, 40km from Manaus Barra Do Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil, Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil
Contact number: 5592992059342

Mercado Adolpho Lisboa

Located on the bank of Rio Negro, this is only one building of Manaus modelled on the Old Halles in Paris, featuring stained-glass windows as well as the iron framework that was made in Gustave Eiffel’s Paris workshop.

Protected as a national monument, this is one place famous for its architecture. Other things leading to its fame is its bustling activity and the insight the guests into the native life.

The place is full of a jumble of stalls selling almost everything ranging from fresh-caught fish and tropical fruits to T-shirts and local crafts. This also serves as the place where the residents of Manaus shop for dinners and share small chats with their friends

Parque Ecológico Janauari

Located at a distance of 45 minutes by boat from Manaus, this is a 688-hectare Janauari Ecological Park featuring a variety of ecosystems including solid land, várzeas, and igapós. One of the best ways of communion in the park is a boat, a motorboat takes people through the park’s intricate network of igarapés, these narrow waterways are surrounded by beautiful vegetation that ranges between grasses to giant kapok trees.

One of the major sights in the area is the lake covered with Victoria Amazonica, the water lily is found only in the Amazon region. The leaves of this lily span over a diameter of two meters. Though the flowers have a very short span of time, the flowers have a beauty that is unique

The contact details are as below

Address Rio Negro / Rio Solimoes Salidas Marina David / Manaus Moderna, Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil
Contact number: 9281824793

Palácio Rio Negro

Located Avenida 7 de Setembro, Manaus, Amazonas, this elegant and elaborate palace was built in 1902 made as a residence of a German rubber merchant named Waldemar Scholz. This place was later converted as the seat of the state of Government of Amazonas.

Again in 1997, this place was converted into a cultural centre, making a publicly accessible place. This place plays home to the variety of artefacts of the native Brazilian works, along with the decor of the house is almost as elaborate inside as it is elegant on outside using a heart full of marble and native woods. The grounds also present a heartwarming sight beautifully decorated with native shrubs, trees, and flowers making it a sight to it.

Contact information is as follows.

Contact number: 559232324450

But the best experience one can acquire is through travelling. So do update us on the things you found unique.


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