A Venture Into The Wild On Road : Utah Best Natural Parks

Home of some of the most ethereal and surreal landscapes in the world, Utah has some of the most beautiful National Parks. Drawing million of visitors from the world wide, it is one of the most memorable experiences in the world from watching the sunrise over the high depths of the Canyonlands National Park, to watching the sundown from an impossibly delicate rock bow present in the Arches National Park.

It gives you an eye to eye encounter with the ancient petroglyphs in the Capitol Reef park, which is then succeeded by lying down in the sand and witnessing the beautiful meteor shower streaking across the sky in front of your eyes. Full of beguiling sights, this is one of the must-visit places in the continent

Planning your next visit there and confused about the parks to go to and the ones to leave? Here we are to your aid.

Following is the list of the 5 parks that are the main reason of the tourism of the state

Salt Lake City to Fishlake & Zion
While visiting Zion via Salt Lake City airport, it is highly recommended that one takes all or if all is not working, at least a portion of the 40-mile Fishlake loop in the vicinity. The massive aspen trees lines along the sides of the road, make much of this drive a beauty, which poses a stark contrast scenery from the other national parks in this state.

Accommodation in the area is also a thing to enjoy, one could simply camp along the lake, the view it offers is indeed a treat. For the people used to more facilities, one could rent a cabin drive up to the nearby Richfield.

Zion is located at a distance of about three hours away from Fishlake. This national park is one of the most visited one in the state thanks to its blessing of a beautiful lake.

Zion to Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon lies at a distance of about 1.5-hour drive from Zion. The park demands at least a day when visited, holding one of the most surreal terrains. This place also contains the largest collection of hoodoos from around the world. The Hidden Canyon Trail gives excellent views making this place is truly a paradise for the nature lovers and the photographers. This place contains one of the most beautiful drives along the road, overlooking the wonders of nature that no other place holds.

For accommodation options one can choose to camp choosing a ground worth setting a camp, giving one a great insight into the way of working of nature, loved by the peace and solitude lovers. Other than that there are various options of staying in the vicinity including Bryce Valley Lodging, the Best Western Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel, and Bryce Canyon Log Cabins. But bookings are to be made before heading out as the guest rooms remain occupied.

Bryce Canyon to Boulder Mountain, Burr Trail, & Capitol Reef
Further, from Bryce Canyon the way leads through Boulder Mountain ahead on to the Capitol Reef National Park however it is highly recommended taking a detour in line of the Burr Trail, a scenic back way with stops at Singing Canyon and Lower Muley Twist Canyon some of the most beautiful stops in the entire journey that you simply can afford to miss.

For the case of accommodation, The Capitol Reef Resort is one of the most recommended options. It offers a king-size bed, flat screen TV in all the basic guest rooms. There is also a facility of luxury cabins. Another option is in the town of Torrey, offering a number of guest rooms. Another one of the most desirable options is to camp at one of the Capitol Reef National Park’s campground, however, bookings have to be made in advance.

One of the famous attraction that the parks offer is easy hikes. These beaten path giving the option of easy access to nature, making it possible for larger strata of people. Some of the most famous ones include Grand Wash, Cassidy Arch Trail, and Hickman Bridge.

Capitol Reef to San Rafael Swell
This is a portion of the road trip covering some of the most surreal sights in the entirety of Utah. After reaching Hanksville one will have to continue on UT 24 E for about 20 miles until the Temple Mt Road appears on the left.

Following the signs till Goblin Valley State Park, just before the visitor’s center, taking a right will lead you onto Wild Horse Road. This road will further lead to the Little Wild Horse Canyon. This is one of the perfect place for a hike for people who enjoy hiking and are interested in a little slot canyon exploration. The hike though is fairly well-marked but usually reasonably busy filled with people from around the world to explore the place. It is almost an 8-mile full loop however detours can be taken from the main route. The thing to remember though is that you carry plenty of drinking water as dehydration is one of the biggest evils here.

Ding & Dang hold its place as another slot canyon, a hike just up the road leading to the Little Wild Horse Canyon. This hike, however, is a slightly more difficult hike and should only be attempted by experienced hikers.

San Rafael Swell to Arches & Canyonlands
Arches and Canyonlands lie within a distance of about 30 minutes from each other, making it easier for one to explore both of in one go making the place of Moab as the base. The new Aarchway Inn is located at a distance of only 2-miles away from the gate of the Arches National Park. If one stays here, it gives one the advantage of being in proximity with Arches, making sunrise and sunset exploration in the park very easy. However, the meals will demand a drive downtown.

The town offers a plethora of accommodation options, such as the Comfort Suites Moab, present in the heart of the town. This place is one of the favorites for the tourists. The cuisine of Moab is one that should be tried. The most recommended one is the Village Market especially for the huge sandwiches that can be taken on the excursions. Another one is the Bangkok House for Thai food and delivery, and MOYO for an amazing selection of frozen yogurt making it perfect for a scathing day.

So wear your travel gear and visit Utah today!!


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