Please help Dharavi – Ajay Devgn takes care of 700 families

India has been hit hard with the covid19 pandemic. When it started in India, nobody even expected it to grow at such an alarming pace. Mumbai is the most affected city in the country.

Actors like Sonu Sood, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar as helping various people as much as they can. Now Ajay Devgn has also come forward and decided to take the responsibility of 700 families living in Dharavi, the biggest slum area in the world!

Ajay has also appealed to the people to donate as much as they can for the welfare of the unfortunate residents of Dharavi, Mumbai.

“Many citizens, supported by the BMC, are working tirelessly on the ground through NGOs to provide the needy with ration and hygiene kits,” Devgn said.

Please come forward and help others in this major crisis. And PLEASE stay indoors as much as you can.


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