Priyanka Chopra BANNED from wearing tight clothes!

Bollywood and Hollywood stars love to wear tight clothes, and then the whole world follows them. Isn’t it? It is one way to look sexy by showing the various curvatures of the body. Priyanka Chopra too loves to wear such tight clothes.

She has always been very close to her father, Ashok Chopra, who was a doctor by profession and passed away in 2013 due to cancer.

In an interview with the Tatler magazine she did not hide away any facts related to her life, yet again. Priyanka said that she had a big clash of egos between her and her father. Why? Because he asked her to refrain from wearing tight clothes.

“I’d left as a 12-year-old flat-chested, curly-haired kid and I came back as a 16-year-old almost-woman. I think my dad was really shaken up by that. He didn’t know what to do with me for the first couple of weeks,” says Priyanka.

But why did Priyanka’s father asked her not to wear these clothes? The reason is simple. Boys from her school started following her and that must have made Ashok really uncomfortable and maybe he even feared something worse might happen. Due to this, he put bars on the windows of her room and also banned her from wearing such clothes.

Priyanka also told the interviewer that her father used to tell her, “No matter what you do, good, bad, or ugly, you can come and tell me. I will help you fix it. I won’t judge you, I will always be in your corner. I’ll always be on your team.”


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