Priyanka Chopra shares important info from UNICEF

Guys, let me start this post by telling you that you should NOT believe all the ‘forwards’ that you get on WhatsApp. Read whatever you want but trust only that news or info you get from reliable sources. So much of misinformation is going around us these days due to coronavirus.

Priyanka Chopra has also shared some important information straight from UNICEF, on her social handles. Have a look.

“Misinformation during a health crisis can leave us unprotected, spread fear & panic. Knowing the facts is key to protecting yourself & your family. Visit the @UNICEFwebsite for reliable information on how to talk to children about #coronavirus,”¬†she wrote.

I totally agree with her as I have myself received so many posts on WhatsApp which are untrue. Some are conspiracy theories and some are sureshot ‘illaj’ of the virus and whatnot. Do not believe in these things and gather info from trusted sources only.


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