Priyanka Chopra wants to have kids now? Or later?

In India people are interested in knowing 2 major things about any person. First, when are you getting married, and second, when are you going to have kids? Priyanka Chopra, the international star, is also being asked this very question over and over again.

Recently she did a photo shoot for Tatler magazine and again the same question was asked to her, when are you starting your family with Nick Jonas? This is what Priyanka had to say…

“Right now, this year’s really packed for me in terms of the work that I’m doing and the work that I’ve taken on.” However, she did make sure to add how she is waiting for the right time and that having a family is indeed important. She said, “But having a family is very important to me and it always has been. It is something that I definitely want to do and I’m hoping that whenever God wills it, at the right, opportune time, it’ll happen.”

Check out the photo of hers on the magazine cover.


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