Rakhi Sawant says she has KILLED the Coronavirus in China!

How low can you go? Like seriously. The whole world is going through such a bad phase due to the outbreak of the deadly virus ‘Covid-19’ and Miss Rakhi Sawant is finding it hilarious and has started to make videos for her social media accounts.

Rakhi hasn’t done something like this for the first time. She has this habit of making fun of things and taking serious issues lightly without even thinking once.

Now Rakhi has made another video which you can see below where she says that she is traveling to China to kill all the coronavirus and Nasa has given her all the medicines to kill the virus.

Rakhi I really appreciate that you are a hard-working girl and you have made your name in the industry on your own, but these videos you share are utter nonsense and not even funny. I am sorry but I have only this to say to you this time, “Shame on you. Try to look into your soul once.”


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