Ran DDLJ for 25 years but no help from Yash Raj Films!

One of the oldest and the most iconic movie theatres in India is Gaiety-Galaxy which is located in Mumbai. Manoj Desai who is the owner of this cinema hall actually ran Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, for as long as 25 years without fail and helped them to get the record of longest-running Bollywood film in the history.

But at times of need not all people come to help others. That is what exactly happened with Desai too. Mid Day reported a few days ago that due to the lockdown Desai had to take a bank loan to as to provide his employees with salaries.

He found himself in such a miserable condition and had no other option than to get a loan. Akshay Kumar came to know about it and he came forward to help him out because he does not want, due to present conditions, the theatre to face a harsh fate. As there is no certainty of the opening of cinema halls in the near future.

“Three days ago, I got a call from Akshayji. He offered to provide financial assistance if the scenario continues. It was kind of him to offer help, but we should find a way to sustain ourselves. We have managed to collect enough funds to pay the salaries for this month, but the theatre shutdown will have long-term ramifications. Our focus is to ensure we don’t trim staff or resort to pay cuts,” says Desai.

Desai actually feels bad that he helped Yash Raj Films with DDLJ but they have not offered any help of any sort, “We have been running the film for so long. I can’t go begging to them; they should have spared a thought,” Desai said.


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