Rohit Shetty reveals what makes Akshay Kumar ‘KHILADI’

As we already know now that the upcoming movie Sooryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif has been postponed (release) due to the current serious situation related to Covid-19 (coronavirus). But that doesn’t mean that people will stop talking about films in general.

It is reported that the movie will showcase some of the best and never seen before action sequences. This is what they are saying, not me. Insert smile here. Also, this is the first venture of Akshay and Rohit together.

You must have seen the trailer of the movie and might have also noticed the dangerous helicopter stunt. You will be surprised to know that Akshay did that stunt of jumping from the motorcycle to the helicopter without safety equipment of any kind.

That must have been extremely dangerous and a foolish thing to do. Why risk your life for a movie? Also, why keep on stake the money and lives of other people too? Just saying… the truth.

Rohit revealed that earlier it was decided that there will be a cut between the two shots, before jumping from the bike and then the helicopter. But, Akshay being the Khiladi he is, told the pilot to continue with the shot. Everyone present was in a state of shock when this happened.

Akshay you shouldn’t take such huge risks for a scene in a film. Stay safe!


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