Rohit Shetty UNFOLLOWS Katrina Kaif!

Rohit Shetty becomes a ‘trending topic’ now and then whether he likes it or not. And mostly (recently) he trends on social media due to all the wrong reasons.

In a recent interview, he gave a statement that was not liked with netizens. He said that nobody will even notice Katrina Kaif with Akshay, Ranveer, and Ajay in the same scene and with a blast happening in the background. People have now termed him as a sexist.

But, Katrina posted on Instagram and tried to clarify and defend Rohit. She is indeed a very good lady. And as per the latest development, it seems that this whole episode has led to a rift between her and Rohit.

It is being reported that Rohit has unfollowed Katrina on Instagram. It doesn’t matter much for normal people, like me and you, but in the world of celebrities, this becomes huge news of sorts. Anyways. Katrina still follows him there.

She tried to ease out the controversy but Rohit seems to be stubborn about it.

It was in his interview with Film Companion that Rohit had said, “If you look closely, she (Katrina Kaif) is blinking during it. After the fourth take she came to me and asked ‘can we take one more?’ and I said Katrina, I will tell you honestly, no one is going to look at you. She (Katrina) got so wild and I said three guys are walking with blasts happening behind, nobody will notice you. And I kept that shot. In the promo, she blinks while walking. But kaun dekhega.”

This statement called for a lot of ire on social media as people started trending #ShameOnRohitShetty on Twitter.

This is what Katrina wrote on Insta, “I share a very warm equation and friendship with Rohit sir and have always enjoyed our discussions on everything from cinema to my character and, more importantly, he has always been there as a friend for me. This has been taken entirely taken out of context. Hope you all have a great day.”

If Rohit actually did this just because of what happened then he is a ‘nut head’ really. I don’t know if that is even a word! First, you speak things which aren’t right and then you try to ‘pose’ as if you are the victim? Katrina, I can understand that you tried to clarify because of your good equation with Rohit and also because you want to work in more films. But if he doesn’t respond well then I don’t think that he is worth your time.


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