Nobody like Salman Khan and Govinda – David Dhawan

In the 90s David Dhawan gave us some of the best, most loved and highly memorable films like Judwaa, Dulhe Raja, Partner, Biwi No.1, and others. His most successful films have been with Salman Khan and Govinda.

We have seen in the last few years that David has been remaking his own films with his son, Varun Dhawan. Though I must admit that Varun does look great in all these humorous roles, like the one he did in Judwaa 2, but people feel that he is stretching it a little bit too far.

David believes that though he is been remaking his own films with Varun, but he still feels that no one can ever do what Salman and Govinda did. Not even his own son.

Currently, David is working on the remake of Coolie No.1 which stars Varun and Sara Ali Khan. It is being reported that David indeed told a leading news portal that he simply can’t do a faithful remake of any of Govinda’s films. Why? Because he thinks that Varun is just not like Govinda at all. Govinda is a legend in his own special ways and not even a single actor can copy his ‘hatke’ style. Not even a bit.

The filmmaker also added that what Govinda and he did together in films like ‘Haseena Maan Jayegi’, ‘Hero No 1’ and ‘Coolie No 1’ can’t be repeated with any other hero.
The director also feels that even his own son Varun cannot replicate Govinda and Salman’s works.

Speaking about the same, he said that Varun is a different actor from Govinda, or for that matter Salman Khan. When Varun did the remake of ‘Judwaa’, he didn’t try to do what Salman did. No actor can do what Govinda or Salman can do. Varun in Coolie No.1 is as different from Govinda in the original as Varun was from Salman in the new ‘Judwaa’.

I also find these statements by David Dhawan quite accurate. Varun has his own style of doing humor, and I personally like it very much. He has that fresh and naughty way of acting that suits him a lot. Also, the way he talks and delivers his dialogues etc is also different than that of Salman and Govinda.


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