Salman Khan extends his help to over 25000 daily wage workers

Bollywood celebrities are generally in the news mainly for a few reasons – movie releases, gossips and bad behaviour. Nobody can deny that as it is in fact true. But that does not mean they do not do anything good for the people of the country.

Akshay Kumar just donated a huge sum of Rs. 25 Crore to the Prime Minister Fund which will be used to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Salman Khan too has extended his help in taking care of more than 25000 daily wage workers who work in the Bollywood industry.

Stars always flaunt when they do anything good or donate to a charity, but Salman has never ever done so. Nothing wrong in flaunting, after all, you are giving away your hard-earned money to someone else who you don’t even know. But charity is charity.

Many daily wage workers are facing a difficult time and in fact, they are finding it difficult to even feed themselves and their families. This is the time to help the poor and needy.

Someone from Bollywood said, “Salman Khan has always been there for workers and that is a known fact to all of us. His NGO has been providing for people with their education and medical needs.”

Dear Readers, you should too come forward and help someone in need. That’s all I want to request here. Thank you.



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