Salman Khan is a well-wisher of junior artists

Coronavirus is hitting every sector very badly. Most of the businesses have been closed. Filmmakers & television producers and the teams of various projects are working overtime so that they can do as much work as possible before March 19, 2020, before the official suspension comes into effect.

But the biggest problem will be for junior artists who work on a daily wage basis. How will they survive once lockdowns (possibly) will start to take place in India? For this Rajendra Lekhraj, one of the biggest junior artists coordinators in Bollywood, says that filmmakers are teaming up to lend financial assistance to these artists.

If the Covid-19 spread isn’t contained by March 31, 2020, then it will be a big problem for everyone, especially these daily wage works in the industry.

Besides the initiative by the directors, Rajendra says that one more important well-wisher of the junior artists is Salman Khan. He has always come forward for the aid and support of people around him, not only friends but everyone.

“If we hit a rough patch, I will talk to Salman Khan. He is so gracious in offering support and is always concerned about us. He recently stalled the shoot of Radhe in Mehboob Studios because of the unfortunate turn of events,” he says.


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